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Need help breaking out from the same look you always go for?

It’s actually in our nature to look for the familiar. That’s how we end up with a wardrobe full of clothes … but nothing to wear.

Whether it’s a new lease on life, a new job, awakening after a winter slumber or just desiring to fully express the person you are inside, a refreshed wardrobe can add confidence to your everyday. Celebrate your shape, highlight your sass, redefine what you say daily about yourself on the best living advertisement there is. You.

It’s so easy to get caught in a style rut and wear the same look day in, day out. Let’s break you out to shine.

If you’re just not sure how to put that complete outfit together – you know, the one that makes you feel great - then let’s go shopping together. I can be your styling savant, removing the overwhelming indecision of choice and replacing it with a radiant confidence that only an authentic curated wardrobe can bring.

I don’t want to simply curate a look for you - I want to help you express who you truly are.

‘From the moment I met Belinda, she made me feel comfortable and I felt I was able to be completely honest with her. It is very clear that Belinda has a passion for fashion and this styling session has made a real difference in my life - I feel so much more confident in clothes and actually happy to get dressed in the morning (rather than dreading it like I used to). Thank you so much.’ Robyn

This experience includes
* Defining your style – over complimentary tea or coffee - skype can work too
* 1 hour style consultation
* Pre Shop
* 2 hour personal shop
= 3 hours in total

‘It was so great freshening up my wardrobe and Belinda’s positivity about how there’s many styles out there that can work for me. I loved the experience and have enjoyed having a fresh new wardrobe that gives me more confidence’ Kim

Spree Highlights: The Style consultation is key to helping define your style. Here Belinda explores your challenges, understands your body shape and your lifestyle and what it is you want to achieve. This happens 3-5 days prior to the shop. After the style consultation, armed with a clear understanding of dressing for your shape and style Belinda will research and complete a pre shop to ensure your shopping experience is efficient and enjoyable. Let’s go shopping. An informed, focused and enjoyable, minimum of 2 hours, of styling goodness begins. Belinda will show you what works, why it works, where to shop and how to shop leaving you feeling empowered and confident in your true style.
Fashion Category:
Women's fashion
Men's fashion
LGBTQI+ friendly
Other relevant information about me for this tour:: Wear comfortable shoes and a smile!
Minimum duration: 2 hours
Where will I meet you?: Moby Cafe - 1150 High St Armadale
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