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“Style is more than what you wear, it’s about telling your story”

Hi there, my name is Teresa! For me fashion and style are more than just an interest, it’s a passion that has developed and grown over many years which ultimately led me to becoming a stylist. There are many aspects of fashion and styling that inspire me, from the freedom it allows people to express themselves, to the beauty and creativity it provides, and how it can transform a woman’s confidence and well-being.

Growing up I struggled to find acceptance and my own style identity, which has given me insight into the many style issues women face, especially as we age and experience changes in our body shape and self-confidence. As a stylist, I have helped many older women with their style needs and understand how social pressures and self- judgement can influence what we wear and how we look.

Personal style is different for each person and each body, and there is definitely no one style that fits all. I firmly believe that style is achievable for everyone regardless of age, size, status or lifestyle, and helps you to express your own sense of self. There are no rules or restrictions to style except for the ones we tend to place on ourselves. For me, style is more than what you wear, it’s about how the clothes you wear make you feel and how important it is to feel comfortable and happy within yourself, and is why I am passionate about encouraging women with finding their own style.

Fashion doesn’t stay the same, and neither does your style needs and preferences, especially from age 40 when your body shape may have changed from having children, from changing career and lifestyles, and when busy and demanding lives can sometimes make you feel invisible, insignificant and uninspired, rather than feeling confident and empowered to tell your own story.

I’m here help you cut through all the noise and confusion with dressing and shopping and provide you with the guidance and knowledge to wear the clothes that flatter your body shape and most of all, to help you feel great about yourself and what you wear for every occasion.

Whatever your specific styling needs, I’ve got you covered!

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My relevant professional info:: After a long and professional career in the corporate industry, I made the decision to follow my passion into styling. I am a qualified personal stylist and Image consultant graduating with the Australian College of Professional Styling (Certificate in Professional Styling) and Academy of Professional Image (Mastery of Style and Image for men and women). I have experience in retail fashion for 5 years as a fashion consultant and fashion stylist for MYER as well as Australian designer brands, and work freelance in visual styling. My areas of professional styling include personal and body shape styling, lifestyle, and wardrobe styling, creating wardrobe capsules and fashion and visual styling. I have also mentored vulnerable women for Fitted for Work providing tips on styling and assisting them with preparing for job interviews, as well as conducted workshops on Body Confidence and Dressing for Success for women in both the corporate and non -corporate sector.
Describe my style: Describe my style: Creative , Classic, Textural, Authentic I would describe my style as modern classic with a bit of edge. I love timeless classic pieces and love fashion with detail that gives an outfit a point of difference. I am just as happy dressing up or dressing down. I have a love for layering textures and wearing high/low fashion i.e. mixing classic pieces with basic pieces and making the style my own. Rather than follow trends I like to draw inspiration from current and past trends and everyday street style.
Languages other than english: No
3 fast facts about me: 1. I’m a homebody at heart but love to travel. 2. I love art, books, nature walks and photography and spend way too much time in art galleries. 3. I believe age is no barrier to style or achieving anything else you want.
My favourite locations for a Spree:: Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood VIC (is like a second home to me) Westfield Shoppingtown, Doncaster VIC

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