Elevate your Style at age 40 and Beyond, Eastland Ringwood

“Style doesn’t stop at age 40, it only gets better”

Do you feel your current style needs a bit of a spark or feel that as you get older your style has become a bit bland? Turning 40 and beyond doesn’t mean your style stops, in fact I passionately believe style gets better with age!

It is normal that as you get older your style preferences and how you dress will evolve and change as result of changing body shapes and lifestyles, so what you choose to buy will also change. You find you still want to look stylish but may have lost some confidence with what to buy or what suits you. This can lead you to panic or impulse buying on clothes you don’t need or want, or that you may already have.

Regardless of whether you work, stay at home, too busy to shop or wanting to explore a different look, I can help you shop the clothes that align with your own sense of style and help put some spark back in what you wear with this tailored shopping session dedicated to “you”. It’s about finding your “Wow” factor and changing your ordinary into amazing and helping you to explore new possibilities.

This experience will cover:

  1. 30-45 minutes Style Consultation (to define your personal style, shopping objectives and budget, done via skype or facetime call a week prior to our shop).
  2. Pre-Shop (allows me to research the garments and stores to visit prior to our shopping session to make the day more productive)
  3. Personal Shopping experience (min 2 hours)
  4. Complimentary coffee/tea to review our shopping experience.
Spree Highlights: This shopping experience is tailored to your specific styling needs which starts with your style consultation about a week prior to the shopping session to understand your current style and lifestyle as well as your challenges and what your shopping objectives are. The personal shopping session will provide you with a minimum 2-hour shop based on your shopping needs and the pre shop to make your session more productive, so more time is spent on you to explore new styles and labels in a fun and relaxed way. With time permitting, we can arrange an in-store make-up session to help define your colours and top off your experience. You will learn the fundamentals of creating a wardrobe capsule and how to mix and match what you buy to your existing wardrobe to create inspired looks for different occasions, and the importance of buying quality over quantity. You won’t feel confused trying to work out what to wear ever again!
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Don't miss on this Spree: This spree experience will help define your personal style and provide you with the knowledge of how to shop with greater confidence in your purchase decisions, and help you identify your buying triggers and how to step out of your comfort zone to explore new styles. It will change your perspective on how to view clothes so that you will learn to ask yourself if “what you buy” will fit in with your existing wardrobe to create inspired outfits and looks, not just one, and let you take back control of your wardrobe and your life.
Other relevant information about me for this tour:: As a mature age stylist, I understand the changing style needs of women and their style and wardrobe requirements and have experience in styling women across all age groups with their style needs, and will show you how to navigate through all the fashion noise and confusion to select the clothes that will highlight and flatter your body shape and style, and help you find clarity in the clothes you love to wear that expresses who you truly are.
Minimum duration: 3- hour booking required. Includes minimum 2-hour personal shop. Pre shop is complimentary.
Where will I meet you?: You can choose to have your shopping experience at either Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood or also Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre in Doncaster depending on your specific shopping requirements to be confirmed at our style consultation.
Special instructions: Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to get in and out of and the right underwear so what you try on will look your best. Bring a bottle of water and eco-friendly carry bag to carry your purchases, and a sense of fun!
Further notes on calendar availability: Style consultations Monday – Friday between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm subject to confirmation. Shopping Spree Monday – Friday between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. Some Saturdays available upon request. Further notes: This shopping spree can be catered as an online shop if preferred. Please contact me for details.
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