Vintage hotspots - Queen Street Mall

Vintage shops are often hidden and under the radar, which is what makes them so special and where you will find the most unique pieces from both the 21st and 20th century.

There are quite a few 'gems' in Brisbane's CBD, where you have the chance to find classic, eclectic, groovy or feminine designs that speak to your personal style and that will add an extra 'something' to your wardrobe. That 'something' is indefinably you, perhaps you cannot quite explain why, but these are the pieces that define your style and speak to your inner self.

The beauty of vintage shopping, is that it tests your self awareness of who you truly are. There are no 'this is what you should buy' perfectly merchandised displays, or 'this is currently on trend' sales tactics, it is 100% up to you to actively search (or dig through!) for your gems - and these are the pieces that will make your wardrobe undeniably YOU!

For example, I once bought a vivid purple sequinned v-neck top for $30 from a vintage store. Who knows why, my wardrobe certainly was not calling for a 100% sequinned top, but it just spoke to me and my style. I have worn that top now numerous times on nights out, or at events, with jeans, tailored shorts or a-line skirts and it receives the most positive attention!

Spree Highlights: Discovering some of the CBD's hidden gems, where you will find some of the most unique pieces and original post-modern styles of the 20th century.
Fashion Category:
Women's fashion
Men's fashion
LGBTQI+ friendly
Don't miss on this Spree: If you're up for it... Designer Archives is a must! You can find YOUR gem/investment piece for a fraction of the price.
Other relevant information about me for this tour:: Fusing vintage and modern designs is a core aesthetic of my personal style. There is nothing like finding an absolute 'unicorn' vintage piece for less than $30 and pairing it with your modern wardrobe to complete your personal taste. I have been an avid vintage shopper since I was very young and quickly developed a passion for fusing vintage and modern styles.
Minimum duration: 1 hour
Where will I meet you?: Jimmy's on the Mall, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD
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Update my style
Special occasion
Corporate & personal branding
Pre-loved fashion
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