Binda is a Fashion Stylist & Brand Identity Consultant and the Director of a cosmetic and beauty company; formed to invest in people from all walks of life so that they feel empowered to unleash their potential by honouring their identity through style and beauty. Binda’s mantra is “a style for every story”.

Binda is also the Event Manager / Stylist for Brisbane Fashion Runway which showcases collections by Australia’s Emerging Fashion Designers and was the 2019 Event Stylist and Ambassador for the Annual Designer Rummage 2019 hosted by Women’s Legal Services of Queensland. This event was to raise funds to end domestic violence against women and children.

Binda’s qualifications started with a Double Degree in Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Business. Over the past 10 years she has worked in the Institutional Banking sector where she developed strong commercial acumen, led teams to provide superior client service across Transactional Banking to some of Australia's highest profile and successful companies.

She has always had a genuine interest in the human behaviour and mindfulness and throughout her leadership journey she became a strong advocate for empowering individuals to be the best they can be. Throughout her own personal experiences and listening to the stories of others, she realised there was a lack of a-wear-ness between mindfulness + what you wear. As Oscar de Le Renta once said, “Fashion is a trend, Style lives within a person”, words that go hand in hand with what scientists call “enclothed cognition’, meaning one sense of style affects one’s psychological processes and this is when her story begun.

Beauty and Styling organically became a natural focus for Binda. She has always had a strong passion for beauty, creative styling and foremost helping others feel empowered and naturally her ultimate vision became to create a world where every individual feel and looks their best. With this mantra and through her learnings in completing a Masters of Advanced Professional Styling at the Australian Style Institute and additional diploma’s in beauty, Binda launched two businesses that complemented each other to extend her passion to help others feel great about themselves.

Binda’s passion is to bring “the you” to life whether that’s through the education of garment versality to give your multiple looks for different occasions without investing in a completely new wardrobe OR by enhancing your natural look through cosmetic tattooing and through the artistry of brows sculpt or lash lifts.

Recently Binda was selected to travel to India as part of the Business Chicks Leadership Immersion program where she raised $10,000.00 for The Hunger Project which raises funds to equip rural townships in India, Africa and South America to empower women in these towns to gain skills that break down the cycle of poverty. As part of this journey Binda spent some time in India with 20 other Business Chicks members observing the field work led by women who were elected to lead by their villages.

Describe my style: Professional, Unique, Powerful and Fun
Languages other than english: Indian
3 fast facts about me: Equalist, Advocate and I am a Sex and the City tragic.
My favourite locations for a Spree:: Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and Queen Street Mall Brisbane City

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