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“ Since Elle has styled me, I have had nothing but positive comments from everyone about how good I look, not only from friends but even from complete strangers. I feel more confident and love going out. It's an adventure every morning to decide what I shall wear that day. Thank you Elle!

-L. Watson.”


"Everyone has a style and the potential to look amazing. Unfortunately, most succumb to the temptations of fashions and fads and fail abysmally to look like the catwalk model they wish to emulate in the glossy magazines...
Thankfully not all is lost! There's Elle.
Elle is extremely gifted with a strong eye for detail and a reassuring approach to helping you step out of your comfort zone.

Instead of trying to pigeonhole you, she works with you to create a unique look. Every step is carefully explained so you understand why some things work and others don't.

I would recommend Elle in a heartbeat. It's rare these days to get the degree of customer service and professional help that she offers.
Right now you have the chance to change how the world views you and an opportunity to be the best you can be."

Oliver Barlow, Director, Sabi Style, Interior Design.



International Personal Stylist, Elle Lavon, works with high profile individuals who are ready to go from good to great.

Her clients are highly sought after leaders, movers and shakers, speakers and global business gurus who aspire to make an impact, and who understand their connection with others has everything to do with integrity and trust.

They don't settle for "Looking" the part. They want to "BE" the part.

Rather than blindly following trends, Elle makes it her mission to understand your aspirations, mission, and values, and translates them into an effortless and authentic style that perfectly communicates who you are and how you want to be perceived.

With a natural knack for style and a passion for helping others reach their full potential, Elle became an industry qualified stylist in 2004.

Since then she has been working with the biggest names in Australia, Singapore, and the United States and has built a global network of connections to cover all your style needs from top to toe, arming you with all the best tools to open doors and create opportunities everywhere you go.


  • Style and Personal Brand workshops in Australia and abroad
  • Full Style Makeovers
  • Personal and Business Brand Identity
  • Styling for Personal Branding and photoshoots
  • Style Profiling for men and women
  • Shopping for occasions as well as full wardrobe makeovers
  • In home and in office fittings
  • Private viewings and appointments with select high-end brands
  • Styling for wedding parties

If you are ready to become the person you were meant to be, come, say Hi.



My relevant professional info:: Elle was trained directly by and worked closely with the president of the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) in 2004 // Her trade qualifications include: Qualified and certified Image consultant, Colour Analysis, Body shape analysis, lifestyle analysis, makeup, Business and Personal Brand developement, Business Mastery // Elle has 15 years of Image consulting and styling experience having worked with people from all walks of life from housewives to high flying male entrepeneurs, now specialising in Personal Brand. // She has also completed courses in Personal Brand developement and Brand DNA with BoB - The Business of Brand, an internationally recognised Brans and business accelerator. with this experience Elle is able to have a deep understanding and knowledge in how to build out her professional clients' brand from the inside out. As a result of working with Elle, her clients have successfully negotiated multi million dollar deals, existed their businesses and have been catapoulted into the next level of their careers.// In 2007 Elle graduated from a diploma in Business Mastery with the Australian Institute of Business // Within her 15 year journey in fashion and style, Elle has 10 years of experience in high end men's clothing, specialising in Suiting and Tailoring, and 4 years in women's designer clothing giving her the cutting edge in her industry when it comes to understanding garment production, quality,fabrics and fits.// Elle has established herself as the Go-To person for any entrepeneur or business person preparing for a media shoot for editorials and TV interviews and appearances including natural, flawless makeup for her female clients. // Elle is an international speaker and workshop facilitator having presented her masterclasses "Authentic Is The New Black" and "The Fundamantal Fifteen" to clients across australia and the world.
Describe my style: Creative, Rebellious, Bold
Languages other than english: Hebrew
3 fast facts about me: Elle is an ex combat operations officer for the Israeli Airforce. She rescued a retired grayhound named Eddie, AKA His Royal Highness. Elle dedicates time everyday for spiritual pracitce
My favourite locations for a Spree:: Brisbane CBD, Indooroopilly shopping centre, James St and anywhere in Australia and overseas (travel costs apply) Private appointments

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Elle was really great, thanks. She is lots of fun and made the whole process very easy.

Paula H about listing Full Day One On One Style and shop 1 years ago.