Donna Cameron

The less you think you’ll enjoy working with a personal stylist, the more I’ll probably enjoy working with you!

In 2018 I was lead stylist for Melbourne Fashion Week’s groundbreaking event, Access to Fashion, featuring models with disability. I’ve worked with people of all backgrounds, from CEOs, doctors, university lecturers, people with mental illness and people with learning difficulties.

I strongly believe personal style reveals an enormous amount about us, whether or not we are aware of it. For that reason I’m as interested in having you feel comfortable and confident with your outfit choices as I am in getting the aesthetics of style right for you.

I encourage everyone to have fun with style. This doesn’t mean you need to follow trends - it's more important to uncover your own sense of style. Personal style is an expression of self and not limited to the 20 somethings.

In 2019 the NGV invited me to speak on Personal Colour Analysis as part of their educational program.

I have been a guest speaker on the aesthetics of personal style at The School of Life in both Sydney and Melbourne and have facilitated more than one hundred workshops on personal presentation in the non profit sector as well as privately.

My relevant professional info:: I have worked across Australia and the UK on personal style and presentation for over a decade, offering both workshops and private consultations. In 2015-17 I was President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Melbourne Chapter, and I worked as Associate Editor of AICI GLOBAL magazine for three years. I am a contributor to the Fashion Studies Journal and a member of the Federation of Image Professionals International and the Australian Fashion Council.
Describe my style: I’m known for wearing colour and for my love of well-designed unique pieces. I’m a little bit whimsical, a little bit of rock ’n’ roll and I believe in having fun!
Languages other than english: Only a tiny bit of French
3 fast facts about me: 1. I love clothes a little bit more than food (or is it the other way around..?!) 2. I am kind and I am quirky 3. The older I get the younger I feel
My favourite locations for a Spree:: Anywhere in inner urban Melbourne that doesn’t resemble a fast fashion mall ;-)

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Fantastic experience to first have my colour analysis done & then to go shopping with Donna! The shopping experience proved the colour analysis was of great value, and made the shopping venture enjoyable as I knew my colour palate and could see what worked and what was not quite right. Best value ever if buying those investment garments and for the more quirky accessories. Shop on!

Nigel A about listing Colour Analysis, in person or online 2 years ago.