Claire J

I work with teenagers to help build empowerment, confidence and a positive dialogue around body image. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with picture perfect images on social media, it’s easy to see why teens today struggle with self esteem and negative self-perception.

I decided it was time to initiate change. My passion for fashion and strong knowledge of design and style elements, means I understands the importance of expressing yourself through what you wear and how it impacts self confidence and how you are perceived in the world. Throughout my own teenage years, I experienced issues and pressures when it comes to low self-esteem, negative body image and finding my identity. It wasn’t until I had my own encounter with a Personal Stylist at 23, that I realised the power of clothes and how they can make you feel. And I now love to share this with my clients.

It's my mission to help teens feel comfortable in their own skin and really start to forge their identity of who they want to be in the world – and that journey can start with a wardrobe that makes them feel confident, empowered and like their best self. I’m here to educate and empower my clients with Style.

My relevant professional info:: I have 10 years experience as a visual merchandiser in the fashion industry and formal qualifications from the Australian Style Institute and Melbourne School of Fashion. I have worked as a personal stylist for the past 4 years doing everything from styling runway shows and photo shoots, to workshops in schools, small group from styling runway shows and photo shoots as well as workshops in schools and for small groups, writing articles for numerous publications about Style and of course working 1 on 1 with clients. My clients are diverse in terms of age group, size and body shape so I trust that whatever your style dilemma, I have the experience to help!
Describe my style: Day to day, you’ll often find me in denim and sneakers but when the time comes to “Frock Up” I always go the extra mile. My signature style for events, meetings or special occasions is to wear big earrings and accessories with a bold lip colour with whatever I am wearing. My style is usually pretty simple so by adding accessories and a statement lip colour it helps add a little something extra to my look.
Languages other than english: N/A
3 fast facts about me: 1. I love to see live music 2. I spent a year living in the UK 3. Gilmore Girls is my all time favourite TV Show.
My favourite locations for a Spree:: Melbourne: Chadstone, Highpoint and Doncaster

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