Carla Daniele

I want all women to own their wardrobe with unabashed confidence, the way I felt before mum-life hit.

My professional styling journey started after realising I’d temporarily lost, dare I say it, my sartorial mojo – thanks to the life-changing role that is mum-life.

Having worked in fashion in both Melbourne and London with my finger forever on the pulse, I once thought I was armed with a lifetime supply of self-assured style. It was easy to have stay-at-home-mum-wear style covered.

But it wasn’t until I was faced with a wardrobe of high heels along with sheer and super-clingy pieces, which all talked to 'nightclub Carla', not 'returning-to-work and mum-of-two Carla'.

Rediscovering a meaningful wardrobe that exuded style and everyday comfort came to be using my industry know-how complemented by a professional styling accreditation.

Allow me to help you get back to your best level of confidence with a tailored and evolved wardrobe, just for you.

My relevant professional info:: Masters in Professional Styling, Australian Style Institute
Describe my style: I love a relaxed vibe. For me, comfort reigns over fashion, every single day. I’m not afraid of mixing colours and unique pieces with classic staples. Friends and family know me as the queen of mixing and matching. I make my clothes work for me – for the long-haul.
Languages other than english: Italian
3 fast facts about me: • I adored living in London for six wonderfully energetic years • I’m a yoga bunny who yearns to practice more than once a week • baking wholefood cakes gives me life (and why yoga needs to happen more regularly)
My favourite locations for a Spree:: Melbourne CBD, Highpoint, Northland and Westfield Doncaster shopping centres.

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My experience with Carla was a huge success! After a thorough consultation and budget setting, Carla put a lot of effort into finding just the right pieces for me. She has a sharp eye for what works and is very skilled at mixing and matching things so that you get the absolute most out of your wardrobe. She complements this by also being a lovely person who strikes the right balance between styling you within your comfort zone, but also encouraging you to step outside and try things you might not usually go for. She understood what I wanted to achieve and needed from her from the very beginning and I felt at ease with her throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed my spree with Carla and have had so many compliments on my new wardrobe. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Camilla M about listing Post-Baby Robe Revival - Melbourne 2 years ago.